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#HirschAdvantage: Training Q&A

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Jamie is our resident Pulse software know it all and training expert, and is interviewed by Emily Tanko, our resident Software Support Guru and Fashion Creative.

1. When you initiate a one on one session via go to training/phone, how are the training sessions are set up?

When working through training questions with customers, Go To Training provides the ability to use the Train Now feature to begin a one on one training on the spot.  These one on one training sessions can also be scheduled out via email sending the customer a link to the training with date and time. Online training creates a unique opportunity to provide the customers an interactive experience, whether it be through sending out handouts and materials, or the ability to share screens for added reinforcement and application.

2. Why is training an essential part of sales/use of software?

Embroidery equipment, software included, is a large investment that customers expect to produce a quality product. Training provides the customer the opportunity to not just learn basic function but also how to utilize their software to it’s full potential. Every quality product begins with the design, if the design files are not digitized properly, producing the desired end product will be nothing short of difficult. 

More often than not training sessions provide the customers a place to voice their needs.  This helps us talk through some of the wants they have now and possible plans for the future to help facilitate those needs and wants.

3. What sets apart our software to others?

World renowned Pulse software boasts a user friendly interface for simple use all the way up to complex digitizing needs.  Pulse offers the DG software in five levels that allow the user to purchase the correct amount of software for their needs  while keeping budget in mind!  The DG software also has the ability to connect to your Tajima embroidery machine and send designs via LAN or serial connection as well as the added ability of barcode scanning.

Along with a great piece of software Hirsch provides top of the line Training and support to help the customers not just learn the basics but become the best of the best in their industry.

4. How long have you been with Hirsch?

I started at Hirsch when dinosaurs roamed the earth… Ok, I started in June of 1989.

5. What are your main duties at Hirsch?

My main duty with Hirsch is to introduce and train the customers with a wide range of training classes. Along with training classes, during support hours my duties spread to taking training calls to assist customers with questions on a call by call basis. From time to time, I am called to do online demos to assist sales to help customers better understand what they are looking to purchase as well as helping at trade shows.

All in all my main job is to provide our customers and internal sales team with the best training and support I can provide and look forward to continuing this as our customer base continues to grow!